A free JSON placeholder API

Send a request to with a template schema in the body and receive a populated JSON response.



Name Optional Example result
{name} Annabell Volkman
{firstName} Annabell
{lastName} Volkman
{email} [email protected]
{address} Apt. 867 Malinda Circles
{country} United Kingdom
{countryCode} GB
{timeZone} Europe/Helsinki
{date} from to Sun Jan 13 2021 17:35:42 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)
{phone} xxxxx xxxxxx 07823 564783
{creditCard} 1249 3748 3923 2200
{password} lTvW5VcNt0_GIJf
{uuid} b7799d22-e8c1-4f84-9382-5fdc42c876c2
{shortid} t5txra0i8k9
{number 0 100} min max 42
{random 'cat' 'dog' 'pig'} * ... cat
{float 0.01} precision 2345.23
{boolean} true
{color} #FF003F
{lorem 3} wordCount totam ullam commodi
{faker.*.*} * Any faker.js (opens new window) function



Response data is random each time unless you add a _seed. Then it returns the same result with each request. This can be handy for different user accounts or pagination of lists.


Toaster supports multiple localities (opens new window)

Request methods

Toaster supports both POST and GET requests.
GET requests populate all query parameters OR use a single data parameter with a stringified object to handle complex data.

axios.get('', {params:{data:JSON.stringify(myDataSchema)}})


Built by Nic Mulvaney (opens new window) at Normally (opens new window).

Source available on GitHub (opens new window)

Free to use, no signup, no authentication.